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The GreenBird House is Unique.

Our mission is simple:

to do good for birds, for the earth and for you.

All GreenBird products are made from recycled paper and other natural, sustainable materials. Our focus is on wild birds – often the barometer of the health of the environment for all of us. GreenBird products are not designed to last forever but we hope the lessons they teach and affect they have will. GreenBird…perfect natural, educational craft projects for cub scout, girl scout and boy scout troops, school students, senior centers and bird lovers of all ages.


The GreenBird House


Bulk GreenBird Houses (per dozen)


Nesting Material Box


GreenBird Real Milk Paint


Seed Pies – Black-eyed Susan


Seed Pies – Cone Flower


Seed Pies – Cosmos


Seed Pies – Sunflowers